Anna’s Danish Cookies began in 1935 when Anna Donnelly opened her bakery in San Francisco’s Mission District, specializing in traditional Danish cookies made from the Donnelly family’s recipes. Three generations ran the store for over 65 years and scores of San Franciscans made a tradition of gifting the cookies during the holidays as well as on other celebrated occasions. Those that frequented Anna’s as well as those that received the cookies still remember holding the stiff white pastry box with the friendly Dane ‘Anna’ delivering a pipping hot tray of cookies on its lid.

Ralph Donnelly ran Anna’s until he was well into his eighties. Since that time the bakery has transferred from family to nostalgic family here in the Bay Area. Today, we always look forward to hearing the story of Anna’s from those that held the box in their hands. The tradition of Anna’s is a gift we are so glad to share.